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SPC Flooring Board Extrusion Line

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SPC Flooring Board Extrusion Line


SPC Flooring One Step Extrusion Line

SPC ( stone plastic composite ) floor is the product which is one- time hot embossing laminated the PVC floor base layer produced by conical twin screw extruder with wearing layer and printing layer by three or four rollers calendaring machine. T echnology process is simple and operation is easy, no need adhesive .SPC floor is one kind of the newly developed and environment friendly floor based on the high technology, which is zero – formaldehyde, mould proof, moisture proof, fireproofing, insect proofing, easy for installation.
SPC floor has environment friendly material that free of hazardous substances, phthalate and methanol,which can meet the standard EN14372、EN649-2011、 IEC62321、 GB4085- 83 and be welcomed by European and Asia- Pacific market. With its excellent stability and durability, the SPC floor solves the problem of damp, deformation ,musty and methanol of decoration materials. SPC floor has many selections of design and color and pattern design, which is suitable for indoor decoration, hotel, hospital, shopping malls and other public places .
SPC floor shrinkagerate: s1%o ( After backfire) : s2.5%o ( Before backfire )

Main Technical Specification

Model GWC80/156-1000 GWC92/188-1000 GWC92/188 ( ABA)
Products Width(mm) 1000 1000 1000
Products Thickness(mm) 2-5 2-5 2-5
Extruder Specification GWC80/156 GWC92/188 GWC92/188+ GWC80/156
Main Motor Power(kw) 75 110 185
Designed Extrusion Output(kg/h) 350 750 1100

Note: The specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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