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PVC Transparent Soft And Rigid Sheet Extrusion Line

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PVC Transparent Soft And Rigid Sheet Extrusion Line

PVC transparent sheet, soft door curtain is replacement product of traditional door curtain.
This product has soft, transparent, insulation, safe, environmental characteristics. It can be used in cold storage, food, print, textile, electrical, mall etc. It has good effect to insulation of hot-line work.


The Feature of GWELL EVA Film Production Line

PVC Transparent Rigid Sheet Extrusion Line

PVC transparent sheet have many advantages of fire-resistance, high quality, low cost, high transparent, good surface, no spot, less water wave, high strike resistance, easy to mould and etc. it applys to different kinds of packing, vacuuming and case, such as tools, toys, electics, food, medicine and clothes.

PVC Transparent Soft Sheet Extrusion Line

PVC transparent soft sheet is product insteading of the traditional door curtain. It is soft, clear, insulation, safe, environmental protection, acid resistance, no peculiar smell, easy to clean, and etc, also can be used in cold and heat insulation, save energy,wind-proof, keep humidity,anti-corruption, fire proof, anti static. ultraviolet radiation proof, sound proof, table pad, daylighting,industrial damping, safety warning, protect surface, these application used in refrigeration, foodstuff, printing, weaving, electrics, instrument, medicine, storage. It has good effect on insulation for electricity, and harmful light.

Main Technical Specification

Model GWP120/21-1500 GWC80/156-1220
Products Width 1400mm 1220mm
Products Thickness 0.3-1.5mm 0.5-3mm
Extruder Specification GWP120/21 GWC80/156
Main Motor Power 90KW 75KW
Designed Extrusion Output 350KG/H 300KG/H

Note: The specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

The uses of PVC sheets are as follows:

The purpose of PVC sheet: advertising, furniture, decoration, transportation industry, etc.


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