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PE PP Stone Paper Sheet Extrusion Line

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PE PP Stone Paper Sheet Extrusion Line


Stone paper line

Stone paper product has a wide usage: in disposable living consumption goods, such as garbage bags, shopping bags, food bags,boxes, raincoat, gloves, cloth dust cover; in cultural paper, such as printing paper, writing paper, paper coating, advertising and decorating paper, paper covers, cigarette paper, glassing paper, newspaper; in decorative building materials, such as decorative wallpaper; in industrial packaging and other fields, such as chemical ferilizer bag, cement bag, rice bag, garment bag, all kinds of handbags, carton; also in special paper, such as field work paper, underwater paper, mine working paper, military paper etc.The producing cost of stone paper is 20% -30% less than its replacement.

Main Technical Specification

Specifications Specifications TYPE Capacity
Casting L=810mm/&=0.2- 1.5mm GW130 5000t/yr
Uniaxial tension L=1400mm/&=0.1-0.5mm GW130 5000t/yr
Biaxial tension L=2800mm/&=0.05-0.5mm GW150 8000t/yr

Note: The specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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