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Melt-Blown Fabric Production Line

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Melt-Blown Fabric Production Line


Melt- blown fabric is a kind of melt- blown nonwovens fabric produced byhigh- speed hot air flow, which is drawn by the fine flow of polymer melt from the spinneret hole of the die head, and then the superfine fiber is collected on the net curtain or the roller, at the same time,the melt -blown nonwovens are bonded by itself. The production process of meltblown cloth mainly includes melting, filtering,metering, mold Spinneret, melt flow drawing and cooling, forming net, cutting and winding.

Main Technical Specification

Model GW65/30-800 GW90/30- 1600 GW120/30-2400 GW150/30-3200
Suitable Material PP PP PP PP
Products Width 800mm 1 600mm 2400mm 3200mm
Extruder Model 65/30 90/30 120/30 5
Max Capacity 300-500kg/day 850-1000kg/day 1500-2000kg/day 2500-3500kg/day

Note: The specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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