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CPP/CPE Multi-layer Cast Film Co-Extrusion Line

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CPP/CPE Multi-layer Cast Film Co-Extrusion Line


Food package

For the package with high requirement of showing, such as bread, dry food and so on;for twist film of candy and confectionary since its low rebound resilience. After special surface processing, it could also produce metalized film to package snack food.

Other usage

For package with high clarty requirement, such as flower, textiles. if produced under asepsis environment, the film could also be used as medical film.

Main Technical Specification

Model GWS 90/135/90 GWS 100/150/100 GWS 120/180/120
Material PP/PE PP/PE PP/PE
Film width(mm) 2200 3500 4000
Film thickness(mm) 0.02~0.1 0.02~0.1 0.02~0.1
Roller diameter/width(mm) 900/2500 900/4000 900/4500
Designed line speed(m/min) 250 250 250

Note: The specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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