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ASA Casting Film Extrusion Line

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ASA Casting Film Extrusion Line


ASA film also called ASA weather-proof film , It has lasting bright colors , excellent weather resistance ,10 years life in any weather conditions , ±0.5% shrink rate in 80℃ .

Widely used in steel and plastic roof tile , Agricultural greenhouse ,wall decorating etc .

GWELL ASA film extrusion machine was made up of Mix and dry machine ,single screw extruder ,screen changer , melt pump , T-die , 3 roller calender ,  thickness gauge , tempering roller, side trimming , haul off unit and winder .

Characters of GWELL ASA film extrusion line

1 . PLC close loop control , one button speed control .

2 Special designed screw for ASA resin , which makes it easy forming ,plastic uniform ,high capacity ,stable running and easy operation .

3.Auto T-DIE with thickness measure gauge ,change the film thickness effectively , make the thickness error within ± 10 micron .

4. Casting rolladopt CNC treatment internalchannel , guarantee temperature control ± 1 degree , precision of roll surface  ± 10 micron .

5. Adopt tension sensor control system , make sure tension control ±1 N.

6. All servo motor with servo controller guarantee the accuracy .

7. Automatic winder has contact winding and clearance winding two functions , withtaper tensioncontrol ,adjustment range 5-200N/M .

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