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ABS/HIPS Refrigerator Plate Extrusion Line

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ABS/HIPS Refrigerator Plate Extrusion Line


Application Of The Bathtub Board:

Co-extrude PMMA-ABS and compound them together. Not only have the surface gloss characteristic of acrylic board, but also given Consideration to ABS board shock-resistant advantage.
The products widely apply in the field of bath products, such as the bathtub, the shower cabinet, the vapour room, etc.

Application Of ABS, HIPS Refrigerator Board:

It can be divided into ABS plate, non-fluorin ABS plate, germproof ABS plate, HIPS plate, high luster composite HIPS plate, 141b resist HIPS plate. It has the good features of flexibility in low temperature, high impact, anti-erosion The product is used in gallbladder in the refrigerator, door gallbladder, the drawer, water contained plate, etc.

Application Of ABS Car (baggage) Plate:

It can be divided into veins plate, sub-veins plate, anti-flammable veins plate. The plate has the features of good thermoplastic, anti-flammable and impact resistance.Widely used in top of the car and bus, instrument board , backrest, car door, windows frame, shell of the motorcycle; all kinds of baggage, etc.

Main Technical Specification

Model GW-120/65-2200 GW-120/60/45-1800 GW-130/70-1800
Extruder Specification 120/38,70/35,60/35 120/38,60/35,45/35 130/38,70/35
Co-extrusion Layer A/B/C/B/A A/B/C A/B/A
Products Width 2100mm 1700mm 2100mm
Products Thickness 2-8mm 1-6mm 2-8mm
Capacity (Max.) 600Kg/h 550Kg/h 750Kg/h

Note: The specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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